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April 2015 5x7


April 15 banner bigger


September 2015 color green w. medal








10 responses to COURAGE CHALLENGE


    I’m looking to potentially do this race myself on the 27th as a tune up for the tough mudder in October. If anyone is looking to start a team, e-mail me at


    I would love to join a team if anyone is interested in letting me join theirs or formi.g one please email me at or text me at (863)257-0953.


    for anyone that is thinking about running but hesitant because they don’t know anyone, don’t let that stop you. You can pretty much walk up to anybody and ask to run with them and unless they are doing the elite wave, they will always say yes. One of the best parts of these runs is the people. There are always people to help with obstacles and talk to. You will surely see me out there, and I will be glad to help you. Camo shorts, no shirt, number written on chest and arms. To narrow it down I’m the short one with no hair.


    I would like to join


    Have you posted to the Event Page ? And the FB page ?? Im sure there is a team that will let you join if you don’t want to race individual. Even if you did all the other individual racers that you would encounter on the course you would surely cross the finish line friends. :)


    That shouldn’t stop you. During the race you will make friends.


    If you still need someone I will run with you. I will be there by myself.

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